Fortunate Buddha Slots

The Fortunate Buddha slot presents you with a familiar and appealing theme, but there are some features here you may not be expecting. We can introduce Spin Logic Gaming as the creator, so let's see what they've developed for us.

How many lines appear in the game, and on how many reels?

This is a five-reel game, and they've added a cool 50 lines to the proceedings.

Play the game as a penny slot if you wish

This means there is a 50-cent bet in play to cover all those lines. You'll find many other coins to choose from too, including the largest of all, worth $5.

Special icons you won't want to miss as you play the game

Wilds can land anywhere apart from on reel one. You can use them to substitute for most other symbols, with two exceptions. The first of those is a regular scatter, appearing here as a coin bag. The second is the Fortune Orb logo.

Do two scatters mean there are two bonus features to explore?

Yes - and the first of those brings you six free games in exchange for three of those coin bags.

Meanwhile, there is a Fortune Orb bonus round to try and get to. You need six orbs to land in the same spin to reach it. Those orbs then fix into those positions before everything else spins again three times. However, find another orb during a respin and you'll receive three remaining once again. This means you can be down to your last respin and then reset to three again by finding another one.

Each orb shows a value, so you'll get the total amount shown on all the orbs. Filling the reels with orbs will generate the Grand Prize in the game. Can you reach it?

The Fortunate Buddha awaits

This is an appealing game to play across all platforms, so you can load it on your smartphone or tablet to see what you make of it if you wish. There are lots of icons to look for, with some offering more potential than others. See what you think of the Fortunate Buddha demo game and then decide whether to progress to play it for real.